The design inspiration comes from how I felt when I used an ordinary foam to clean my house. When I touched it, I felt softness and warmth. I tried to push it to change its shape, but I never succeeded – it always returned to its original square, like a stubborn child playing game with me. It is that feeling that attracted me, so much that I thought the foam could be a member at home. Therefore, I began to try to accomplish a household product made of foam.

Soft light could give you the feeling of company through the character of foam. When you feel lonely, you could play with it. It seems be nodding or bowing when the foam cover is pressed. Besides the fun of playing with it, some interest can be found when it is quiet too. The light through the yellow sponge is naturally dim, leaving home in quietness and warmth. Looking into the large or small pores on it and the lights coming out of them is a nice way to spend boring time.

White and square form implies a simple and quiet feel, attracting people who see it to touch it, get feedback from it, or play with it. When you touch it, you will find do not like the feeling of what it looks like, it is very soft. And it turns on! Users could turn the light on by pressing the foam cover, and adjust brightness by changing the the magnitude of the pressure.