This brand is leading a lifestyle and finding everyday objects. Objects designed by this brand advocate simplistic playfulness and clever interesting living. The designer likes to find the interest of design process, essentially playing with foam. The designer think foam is an interesting material with high plasticity. Most of the inspiration comes from playing with different kinds of foam and combing other materials with foam. When using its products, users could also experience the fun which the designer has experienced.


2017.05  K Design Award, Winner, Soft Light

2016.04  The A’Design Award,  Gold Award, Soft Light 

2015.04 Beijing municipal outstanding innovation Project,  ​

Director of a National Undergraduate Training Programs for Innovation and Entrepreneurship,

Bamboo Furniture

2015.02  1st Good Chair Award, Excellence Award, Polyhedral Bench


2018.04   SaloneSatellite,Italy,Fiera Milano

2018.01.07- 2-18.02.01 Five Senses Awaking, Zhuhai, Wujie Gallery

2017.10 【归】当代中国家具设计展,中国,福建仙游环球工艺城 

2017.09 【归】当代中国家具设计展,中国,上海虹桥国际会展中心

2016.09-2016.10  take part in Grand Design Exhibition ,Bologna Design Week,Italy 

2016.09 take part in Festival of Architecture and Interior Designing conference,The Lalit Mumbai,India

2016.06-2016.08 Award Winning Designs Exhibition,Cube Design Museum 

2016.06  MOOD (Museum of Outstanding Design ), Italy2016.04  A’ Design Award




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